35 years ago in Ooigem in Belgium, J. Declerck started the packing of litter for owners of cattle and horses. Today, the company has become Hippofan.


What does Hippofan and who are we?


Hippofan is specialised in quality bedding for horses. Every day, more than 400 tons of wood residue is transported to our company and processed by means of the most advanced techniques in order to make wood shavings, flax, and super flax (mix of flax, wood shavings and sawdust).


Because of the increasing demand for healthy roughage for horses, Hippofan has also developed its own product: Horse Dinner. At the basis of this exclusive dry hay is an advanced cultivation plan, which has been conducted in close consultation with farmers. Horse dinner eases the work of the horse keeper and increases the welfare of the horse.


As a production facility, we solely sell to dealers. You can find our products in stores in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, and other parts of Europe.



We use our own fleet of 20 trucks to deliver all the products to you, both on industrial and euro pallets. You can also pick up a quantity at our production facility.



Our contact persons are mentioned below:

Form Belgium: Stijn Herman 0032 (0)476 47 81 92 info@hippofan.be 

For the Netherlands: Anton Van Omme 0031 (0)6 653 69 50 82  info@vanomme.eu

For Germany: André Vandersmissen 0032 (0)475 30 40 20 adre@hippofan.be

For South-Germany: Simone Hermann 0049/172 627 51 87  simone@hippofan.de

Form England: William Howse 0044 7779 010 060 sales@equisupplies.co.uk 0044 1666 861 241


Fast and great service, six days a week!    


Our new partners are completely committed to Hippofan.

Stijn Herman is the manager and responsible for the daily conduct of business and the commercial side.

Guido Badoel is responsible for the entire production process.

Also, every day, our sellers, workers, and staff are working hard to satisfy our clients.